How Many Years For Term Life Insurance?
Allen wants to know how to determine the length of term life insurance. Dave explains.
Lovingly Saying No
Matt and his wife are on Baby Step 6, and close friends and family are starting to notice how well they're doing. How can they be a good influence without creating jealousy or resentment?
Give More, Not Save More?
Gracie is a college student, and her dad is paying for everything while she's in school. She's trying to figure out what she should be giving out of her income.
Giving Makes You A Better Person
Chad asks what percentage of your income you should give away to the less fortunate and whether or not you should be out of debt first.
Repaid The Money But Relationship Suffering
Claudia borrowed money from her parents and paid it back, but the relationship is strained. How can she repair the relationship?
Whole Life Isn't An "Investment"
Kelly and her husband have whole life insurance. It's really expensive, and Kelly wants to get rid of it, but what should she be paying for term insurance?
Avoid the Gimmicks
Rhonda asks what kind of insurance she should avoid. Dave has a list ready for her.
Convince Him He Needs Help
John asks how to help a friend with his finances even though his friend hasn't asked for help. Dave says John has to convince his friend that he needs help.
Your Friend Is An Idiot
Dave explains to Daniel why he has life insurance and why he doesn’t buy whole life insurance.
Co-Signing = Stupid Tax
Ken in Grand Rapids co-signed for his sister to move into an apartment. She moved out of the apartment last year but ran up a lot of bills, and now Ken is getting the bills and collection notices.
Making It Personal
Brian has a good amount of money and wonders if he needs to get a personal umbrella insurance policy to cover himself.
Preserving The Friendship
Jerry's friend pitched an idea to him. It makes Jerry consider a matter of money versus friendship.
Honoring Their Memory
Emily is torn about doing something with the whole life insurance policies that her grandparents left her.
Insurance Rates And FICO score
Kay has an interesting dilemma about telling her daughter the connection between your FICO score and getting insurance.
Tough Talk With Dad
Ted doesn't know how to approach his father-in-law, a procrastinator, about a sensitive subject.
Better To Be A Giver
Pablo is still on Baby Step 2 and wants to know if he should still be tithing while he's paying off debt.
Okay For Girlfriend and I To Buy House Together?
Jim has bad credit, a girlfriend and credit card debt. What does Dave say about him buying a house?
Do I Need Gap Insurance For My Vehicle?
Car insurance can be tricky, but what in the world is "gap" insurance?
Which Life Insurance?
Leanne's 19-year-old son doesn't really have a need for life insurance at this point.