Does Your Vacation Match Your Budget?

Sand is one of the greatest temptations you will face when you are trying to get out of debt. Yes, you read that correctly: sand.

Think about it: More than likely, one of your favorite (and most expensive) summer traditions is going on vacation—somewhere with a lot of sand and a lot of water. If not the beach, then you probably love a mountain cabin next to a lake, or a massive theme park. You get the idea.

Getting out of debt and making serious sacrifices for the future of your family can be stressful. You deserve a break, right? What’s wrong with taking a few thousand dollars and putting it toward a week away from all of your day-to-day debt snowball stress?

Here’s the deal. A vacation is a luxury, not a necessity. Most people get into debt because they’ve been living life like a vacation way too long. Then they fall into this cycle of thinking that they deserve something. That type of entitled thinking is what gets people into debt in the first place.

A few years of hard work and discipline—sacrificing some of the expensive, fun stuff—is worth it in the long run. Now is the time to clean up the mess. Remember, you’re living like no one else now so you can truly live like no one else later.

Have you ever heard of a “staycation”? This is simply a vacation from everyday life where you stay close to home. You and your family can be hometown tourists, spend quality time together, and forget about work for a while. If you are still working on your debt snowball, then this is the way to go.

Dave’s philosophy isn’t about not having fun. No one is saying you can’t ever go on another vacation. If you are out of debt and have the savings, then what are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation now! You’ve sacrificed, and your hard work and dedication have literally paid off. Pay with cash, and you’ll get even better deals.

Whether you go on a Mediterranean cruise or grill out at the neighborhood park, you can have a blast on vacation this summer—as long as you remember that the best vacations are the ones that don’t follow you home.

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