Clever Ways To Get Rid Of Debt

So you've made the decision to declare independence from your debt. That's awesome! Now that you're ready to kick your debt snowball into gear, it's time figure out a plan for getting some extra cash. There are always the surefire ways of selling stuff and picking up an extra job. But let's think outside the box; let's get creative with some ideas of how to get rid of your debt.

It's always inspiring to hear stories of how others paid off their debt. Plus, you can pick up a clever idea or two along the way. We asked Dave's Facebook friends to help us out with innovative ways to dump the debt.

One way to get your debt snowball rolling is by making sacrifices.
Emily, a stay-at-home mom, knows all too well what that entails. "I took a job delivering newspapers from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m.! Since I'm an at-home mom with a husband who can sometimes work 12- to 16-hour days, it was impossible to take a part-time gig any other time but when the rest of the world goes to sleep. A daily paper route earned us about $800 extra per month that went straight to debt."

Another way to make some extra cash is to use your talents.
Steve got super creative with his talents. "I wrote an iPhone app that is currently being sold on the Apple store." Heather also got imaginative with her sewing machine by making aprons and selling them on a craft website.

Think about a skill you could teach yourself and then offer it as a service to others.
Matt learned about auto mechanics and saved thousands of dollars by teaching himself how to take care of his car. And Michael figured out how to make web pages and started selling his talents as much as possible. He's now almost debt-free!

Others have decided to buy things for cheap, fix them up, and turn around and sell them for a profit.
Eva did this with bikes. "I bought old bikes at auctions and thrift stores, fixed them up, and sold them on craigslist. I made over $2,700 in two months! It was a fun project and a great learning experience." Eva also discovered that her four kids enjoyed the bike project, which created great memories for the whole family.

Find something you love and figure out a way to make some money with your passion.
Ed started driving a limo and teaching motorcycle classes to bring in extra money to go toward his debt snowball. Not only is he making money, he's having a blast while doing it!

Don't be afraid of hard work.
Joe didn't let a little work deter him from trying to become debt-free. "I offered my landlord to strip and repaint all the doors and windows of the four-unit apartment building in lieu of rent. I was able to use my rent money for debt."

Sell your stuff.
This one's a given, but we can't stress it enough. Jim sold 14 of the 17 guitars he had in his collection. "I have no regrets. It's just stuff, and I can always get more when I'm debt-free." And Melanie sold her homeschool curriculum on eBay once she didn't need it anymore.


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