Angie's Big Bargain

By Angie in NC

Before Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University classes, I never really thought much about negotiating prices unless I was buying a car, house or other big-ticket item.  But since I've listened to Dave, I've been on the lookout for discounts everywhere. I have had considerable success with this!    

I called our kids' orthodontist to get the payoff amount on our son's braces because that was the next debt in line to be paid off. We had already paid for the addition and removal of braces by this same orthodontist for our two oldest daughters, so I inquired about a family discount or a discount for paying the account off early. The receptionist informed me that the orthodontist had recently begun giving family discounts and thought he'd give it to us.

I was thinking $100 or $200 off our bill would be great. I was surprised when the receptionist let me know that the second child gets a 10% discount and the third child gets 15% discount.  Those discounts totaled $973! I almost cried! Now, instead of owing $1,200 to the orthodontist, our bill had shrunk to a little over $200!

If I never had asked, the receptionist would have never thought to go back and give us retroactive discounts.  

Thanks, Dave, for helping us  think on our feet when it comes to spending and saving money! You rock!


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